The business mind

Open possibilities

Having a business mind is what open the door to a world of possibilities, a person who believes in himself will accomplish a lot of things in this life. It is not that people who go to work every day in a corporate job, don’t believe in themselves, but I think that the problem is that, they don’t believe in themselves enough. The business world is full of stories of people who made incredible things, Steves Jobs, the creator of Apple, Jack Ma the creator of AliBaba or Jeff Bezos the creator of Amazon have something in common, they all have amazing stories to tell. I want to mention a few things from their stories and I hope we can get inspire and learn from what they did.

The Amazon story

Amazon was started in the house garage of Jeff Bezos, I am not kidding, the biggest online retailer in the world was started at a house garage. He noticed that internet was growing at 2,300 % users per year in 1994, so he decided to start selling books online. His company was not even profitable at the beginning but today its revenue is about 61 billion. One of his best advice is ” if you are not stubborn, you’ll given up on experiments too soon”. Success never comes the first time, my take from these comment and his story is that, we need to pay attention and to look for real opportunities and when we found a good opportunity, then start working not stop in e  xperimenting and never given up.

The AliBaba story

AliBaba, the biggest Chinese retailer with a value of 26 billion was founded by Jack Ma, he was rejected from a job a KFC store, and several other jobs applications including one as a police officer, he also failed numerous entrepreneur ideas. In one interview he was asked what he felt when he was rejected from those job applications and he said ” well, I think we have to get used to it, we’re not that good”. But one of my preferred quotes is when he said ” Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine…”, a simple quote from a simple man with real words. My take from these comments and this story is that, we don’t have to be super talented or skillful to achieved success, the key again is never give up and pursue what you want, always keep going and when it gets harder be prepared because it will get worse.

The Apple story

Apple, the biggest computer company was founded at Steve Job’s house garage, this company was also founded in a house garage. I guess what it is really important is the idea not the place where you have it. Many things have been said about Steves Jobs, he was smart, innovative and with a great sense of imagination. But what I take from this story is that at the beginning of Apple Jobs worked very hard in getting investors. Jobs did not have the money or resources to create Apple, so what he did was to look for people who could helped him. He strongly believed in what a computer should be and he made it real. His motivation was an idea, I don’t know if this idea was good or not, it does’t matter because what really matter was that he believed it, for Jobs this was a better computer idea. In my opinion that’s what is important here, the secret to success is inside of you, in your mind and in what you believe so my advice to you is, move ahead and make it real.


I hope these reflections have given you a better understanding of what a business mind can achieved. In today environment Internet has open the door to many new business opportunities. I think that what we are witness today is just the beginning of the online marketing revolution, an example comes to my mind and it is related to the online sales, more and more people are using Internet to buy and sell goods and services.

The projection is that billions and billions of sales will be done in Internet every year, having a business that is related to sales in Internet is a no-brainer, if you work hard and learn how to proper do marketing you will be participating in a profitable business that can easily be started from your own home.

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