Why an online business ?


I have created this open forum to share some of my ideas about online marketing businesses. I considered that the information presented here will bring great value to people looking to start an online business. But as when somebody just started building a house, the information presented here is far from being completed. I want your feedback and your opinions, lets all together create useful content and share it with the world.

Learn New things

I am a self-made owner of an online business, I am also an Electronic Engineer, Hospice RN, and professional Insurance agent. As you can see I love to learn new things. I believe that by learning new skills you keep your mind young and active.

Why I want to help other people

I think that the purpose of this life is to help others, or at least to try your best to help others. As a Hospice nurse with over 7 years of experience, I had the great privilege of helping lots of families. But in return, I had the blessing of getting knowledge from their life experiences. Many of my patients had taught me that one of the biggest regrets in their life was not about what mistakes they made, but instead, it was about the things that they didn’t do, the projects that they didn’t start, the places that they didn’t go and the risks that they didn’t take.

Living a complete life requires that you experience lots of trying and failings if you haven’t failed enough then you haven’t lived enough. I want to encourage people to try new things, but in a good and planned way, and remind them that don’t be afraid of failing because failing always teach you something and that success only comes after you have failed many times.

The Internet has changed the Marketing business

Billions of people use the internet every day, many for entertainment, some for social networking and lots of them to buy products and services. This new social interaction has open the door for people to have online businesses. There are many great opportunities to create an online business, many are reliable, easy to start, and very flexible. You can open for example a Shopify store from your laptop, resting on your bed and start selling products to people around the world.

The eCommerce platform allows people to create a web site that represents an Online store. The benefits of having an online store are many; no rent, no need for business insurance, no paying staff, no paying physical bills and does not even require your presence. An online store can be selling products while you are sleeping in your bed. In this post, I wanted to discuss two reliable online business that can be easily started and be profitable. Opening an eCommerce store and running an affiliate business.

An eCommerce store

The opening of an online store requires to learn some technical skills, there are lots of online classes and memberships on how to learn those skills. I suggest that you first start watching free YouTube videos and grasp a good idea of what is needed. There are many eCommerce store platforms as; Shopify, Big-commerce, Volusion and Big Cartel just to mention a few.  What these platforms offer is a completed package that includes;  hosting of the website store, web site builder tools, security, and protection. It also provides a proper bandwidth to run your site.

What you need to know when starting an eCommerce store

  1. Understand drop-shipping; This refers to the ability to sell products from many companies without dealing with storage or inventory. You don’t even need money to get products because you only buy the product after you get pay from a buyer. You are responsible for; marketing the product, an arrangement of the shipping of the product with the manufacturer, setting up the payment transaction method and doing exchanges. In other words, you are doing a third party job between suppliers and buyers and making money in the process.
  2. Understand AliExpress and Oberlo relationship. A popular supplier for dropshipping is AliExpress, this is a China-based company that promotes lots of Chinese suppliers and products. The main benefit of doing business with AliExpress is that they have very cheap products, the main drawback is that it takes usually between 12 to 18 days to deliver a product. These Chinese companies have a quality rank given by third-party buyers like yourself, it is important to only do business with good suppliers that have several years doing business and over 96% of good reviews.
  3. Oberlo is an app, that allows you to import products information from the AliExpress website into your Shopify store. This action moves; product photos, descriptions, and available products options like; color, size and more. The setup and management of the Oberlo app are very important when filling your Shopify store with products and offers.
  4. Understand what plugging apps are. Shopify offers lots of apps that can be plugging into your store, these apps provide several services like; management of how and when to send emails to your clients, tracking the delivery of products, getting emails address from visitors, optimizing your products pictures in order to make your store site runs faster, and many other apps. It is important to take into consideration the costs of having these apps when planning for your business budget.
  5. Understand the website builder. The memberships with Shopify gives you quality tools to build your web site store. It will take some time to get familiar with the site builder, so I suggest that you watch all the Shopify help videos and check their help page for assistance. Shopify also offers excellent customer services assistance and recently they even open a physical store in Los Angeles to assist online stores owners in the process of setting up their Shopify stores. They provide assistance by giving classes and personal consultations. This is the physical address;  SHOPIFY STORE ADDRESS; ROW DTLA, 777 Alameda St Bldg 1, Unit 100, Los Angeles, Ca, 90021
  6. Understanding the cost of an eCommerce store. The cost of keeping running an online eCommerce store is a lot less than opening a physical store. This is because you won’t need to pay for; rent, business Insurance, maintenance bills or staff to run your store. An owner of an eCommerce Shopify store will need to keep a monthly budget to cover for; the cost of the Shopify membership, the cost of plugging apps, the shipping costs, transaction costs and the costs for advertisement of the online store. The basic costs for running a Shopify store could be at the beginning from $ 70 to $120 per month and it could go up higher as the store grows. The higher costs will depend on the number of sales. The cost of an advertisement depends on how much you want to spend in for example; Facebook or Google ads to promote your store and its products.

 An affiliate business

This type of business allows you to make money without selling products. You get pay by promoting other people and companies products or services. In this type of business you won’t need to worry about; sales transactions, shipping management, tracking of products or exchanges. The monthly cost associated with this type of business is lower than running an eCommerce store, so it is easier to have a budget plan for a long time business strategy. You will need to learn about the following topics;

  1. Understanding affiliate programs, There many companies that offer affiliate programs, as for example; Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and many more. These companies provide a link that you will then post in your web sites to promote their products. There are even affiliate marketing programs that allow you to get access to many companies at the same time, some of these marketing affiliate programs are; Click Bank, LinkShare, CJ Commission Junction, Shareasale, and Clicksure just to mention a few.
  2. Understanding web sites and how they work, an important requirement to run a profitable affiliate business is, to have as many web sites as possible and filled them with great content so people value the information presented. To have a web site properly running for an affiliate business you need; hosting service, domain security, domain ownership, web site builder tools, access to site themes, email accounts, adequate bandwidth, access to reliable customer support, and a good and simple writing tool to create content ( I recommend world press ).
  3. Understanding how to promote your web sites, the skills needed to run an affiliate business are not as technical as with the eCommerce store business. But you still need to learn several important skills. There many training programs available on the Internet on how to learn those skills. I recommend The wealthy affiliate program. This program gives you access to information on several great topics as; keyword analysis, social engagement, how to create great content, SEO optimization, and many more. The program has a low monthly cost membership of $49 per month. In their membership they include; domain protection, fast web site hosting, access to create up to 50 WEBSITES, emails accounts, web site builder tools with lots of site themes, customer service with 24/7 chat support, free world press writing tool with free updates, and lots of video classes that you can see and review at anytime.
  4. Understanding the cost of running an affiliate business, the cost of running this type of business depends on what platform you are using for your web sites. If you buy a web site service with a company like GoDaddy, you will be halfway in creating your affiliate business, as GoDaddy only provides tools and services to run a website but nothing about how to manage an affiliate business. It will be necessary to pay for an affiliate training program with another company. Also, normal web site hosting companies offer services for only one web site at the time, nothing about a package for multiple web sites. This is why I recommend the Wealthy affiliate program, they combine all the services needed to run an affiliate business for 50 web sites in one platform. By using the wealthy affiliate program your monthly cost will be only $49 per month, and after you join the platform, that cost will never go up and more importantly they won’t ask for any UP-SELLS. The membership cost could even be cut in half if you are lucky and get the holiday’s sales that offers a full year membership for half the price. The affiliate business option doesn’t require to pay for adds, you can if you want but it is not necessary to be successful in this business.

In conclusion

The Internet had given people the opportunity to have online businesses from all around the world and from the comfort of their homes. The possibilities of having a successful online business are huge, especially after seeing the trend of how online sales are growing in the last few years. I believe that every business should have an online store and for those of us, who have busy lives with work and family, but that we are still looking to create an extra source of income, having an online business seemed to have many clear benefits; easy to start, flexibility and low money investment.

Jerry M




About Jerry M

A self made online business owner and social blogger, who is also an Engineer, Hospice Nurse and an Insurance License professional.
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20 Responses to Why an online business ?

  1. Regina N Obi-Okeke says:

    Jerry I love your zeal and enthusiasms. Taking risk is risky but if you do not try something out, you may not know where the opportunity lies. As a beginner, I have to put it time and effort into building a scalable business but as time goes on and I am able to build my site and get the necessary connections and plugins, I agree with you then that one may not have to sweat a lot to make ends meet. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. Which affiliate programs are you signed up with and which plugins are the ultimate for the online business?

    • Jerry M says:

      Hi Regina, thanks for your comment, I am working right now with Click Banks and amazon, not too many at this point, I am looking to get plugins that help me to get more involved in social media. 

  2. Karin Nauber says:

    Affiliate marketing is, in my opinion, definitely the way to go to create a good passive income which requires little overhead and has some good training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate. Even Amazon has training and tips on how to promote their products and their site on your site. I like the ease of being able to create a site that can help others. Thank you for your definitions of the different ways to do this from e-commerce to affiliate marketing.

  3. Jerimy says:

    Informative article. I already knew a little about affiliate marketing, but not dropshipping. I hope that you post future articles on this topic; more step by step instructions if you will. 

    You really do like to learn new things with the different occupations that you’ve had. I bet that the experiences all combine to make you a better nurse.

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

    • Jerry M says:

      Thanks Jerimy, I think that having different experiences it helps me a lot, to be a better nurse and to be a better business owner.

  4. Gracen says:

    Hi Jerry, this is an awesome overview of online business. When I saw the topic of the review, I was wondering what you have got for me, but after reading through your piece, I realized that you have really done a wonderful job. What I love here is the way you gave a detailed explanation of what an ecommerce store is. Not only that, you also gave the important tips one needs to know before venturing into an ecommerce store.Your explanation of affiliate business is straight to the point and you have extensively listed most top companies that offer affiliate programs. Opportunities abound online, one just need to be patience, focus and hard working to be successful.

  5. zuchii says:

    In this present time and age when automation and the internet are taking over almost all the processes in the world, starting an online business just seems like the right thing to do. I agree with you that there are lots of options of internet businesses to consider just as highlighted in your write up each one having his pros and cons.I f anyone is thinking of affiliate marketing the best platform is Wealthy affiliate; its learning resources and community of entrepreneurs is excellent and right for business growth and development.

  6. John says:

    Great post about why to have an online business, Jerry, you have given a very comprehensive walkthrough!

    I like how you have included an explanation of how eCommerce works and what it does.

    I’ve done some affiliate marketing before but I know very little about eCommerce so it was good to read through this info.

    Which one would be your preference? 

    I personally like affiliate marketing, but I think that eCommerce could be quite lucrative, so I wonder if it would be worth changing direction?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    • Jerry M says:

      Hi John, I am doing both, the eCommerce store and my affiliate business, it all depends on your free time and how much motivate you are in doing things, but I do recommend that you start with one first, I did alone my eCommerce store for a while before I started my affiliate business, I hope this could help, good luck to you.

  7. Grace says:

    Thank you for your comprehensive explanation about the various online businesses!

    I am in the affiliate marketing business and I have read a lot about e-commerce. I will probably venture into e-commerce one day but at the moment I don’t want to stretch myself too thin. 

    As you mentioned, there are many great opportunities online and we have to continue to learn and adapt. 

  8. Brenda says:

    Awesome! Affliate marketing is really a great way to build a successful online business. As member of Wealthy Affliate, i must say that anyone can use this platform to learn how to build a successful business online. Building a website is so straight forward here with the trainings provided and the supportive community.

    I’ve just recently started learning more about e-commerce. I also think it’s another great way to build a successful online business. I have never heard of Aliexpress and oberlo before, they seem like great apps. I will research more about them as I am quite interested in using them. 

    Great article readers will find beneficial, I know I did! 

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Be stumped by anxieties or cross over. says:

    I think you have analyzed very well in the Ecommerce store and affiliate business. Indeed, if you open an Ecommerce store, it will take a lot of manpower and resources, and the difficulty is much higher than doing an affiliate business. But in fact, each has its own strengths. Personally, I prefer to do affiliate business,as you said, I don’t need to worry about sales transactions, shipping management and so on.

  10. Scott Payne says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Ths is a very nice overview of online business opportunities. Your post made me realize that it is always good to have a fall back plan for income. It provides you the flexibility to make changes in your career path and life in general.

    You certainly have a broad range of skills to fall back on. So many people get lazy and have one skill, or worse, no skills.

    Your approach is inspiring.

    I look forward to more of your helpful articles.

    All the best,


  11. Sondra M says:

    Jerry, you have provided a lot of great information here about both e-commerce stores and affiliate marketing.   If someone is on a tight budget, I personally think affiliate marketing is the better route to go first.   Most e-commerce platforms require monthly payments even if you do not sell anything.  

    Yet, affiliate marketing does not have any required ongoing costs during the time period when you are building your business.   That said, I do have a Wealthy Affiliate membership.  Yet, not only do I host my websites on their platform, I am continually learning more about online marketing and affiliate marketing.   (My background is as being a certified public accountant and a real estate broker.    To maintain both licenses, I have to take continuing education courses.   So, it only makes sense that I would want to learn as much as possible about internet marketing given how technology is always improving.)     Anyway, I also feel like learning about affiliate marketing process teaches me how to drive people to a store (online or offline.)

    On last thing, it seems like it would be very sad to work in hospice even though you provide a wonderful service to people and their families at a very difficult time.     Thank you for sharing  with us what people end up regretting once they realize their life is at it’s end.   It is about the things you didn’t do.   Powerful words….  Thank you .  

    Best wishes on your newest business adventure.  

  12. Triumphant Life TV says:

    Thank you for sharing this great article on why an online business.I think your post will help a lot of people thinking to start an online business, I’m currently starting  to build my e-commerce store but I using woo commerce because I don’t have the funds to pay the fees to Shopify and like you say online marketing is gonna continues to grow and more opportunity for us.

  13. Cheyenne C. says:

    Hello Jerry, this is a really great write up on starting an online business. Usually articles lie this are really pushy and trying to get us to buy a membership or something. As far as drop-shipping products are you able to create your own labeling and packaging for these products, like say with your own logo?

  14. GVporras says:

    Thank you for sharing this great article on why an online business.

    I think your post will help a lot of people thinking to start an online business, I’m currently starting  to build my e-commerce store but I using woo commerce because I don’t have the funds to pay the fees to Shopify and like you say online marketing is gonna continues to grow and more opportunity for us.

  15. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    This article had everything I needed to know about online affiliate business. I learned about why we should choose online business, what is E commerce, what is affiliate marketing and a lot more about it. After reading this article I know have a clear idea about what exactly is affiliate business and what are aspects of it.

    Thank you so much for posting this. It is a well written article and it was easy to understand the explanations. 

  16. Jerry M says:

    Thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment !!!

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